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About Us

The Unknown Pen serves as a worldwide platform for artists and writers. Here, we focus on work that is unique, powerful, and imaginative. Our main focus is to highlight the work of lesser-known artists and writers so that their voices may be heard and their visions may be seen.

The Unknown Pen also provides a wide range of writing services and training, focusing on everything from content writing to academic writing to reviews and critiques. Content writing is also the medium from where we generate our revenues.

Built from India in February 2009 as a platform to showcase the unique work of unknown artists, today The Unknown Pen has expanded globally, serving artists, writers, poets, etc. around the world. The Unknown Pen’s aim is to lift art above commercialism, revolutionizing and reviving the lost soul of the art.


TUP has the following branches:

The Unknown Pen was founded on February 01, 2009. TUP is divided into four major divisions:

1) Content Writing:

The Unknown Pen’s versatile wing provides writing services to clients all over the world. From technical articles, editing assignments to creative work, TUP has over the years provided original content to its clients.

TUP has been fulfilling all kinds of content requirements of national and international clients in different forms and mediums. Having started with web content, today, it not only provides content, but also plans content delivery and marketing.

Our Team comprises of experienced and talented writers from diverse fields to serve all kind of writing subjects; from technology, business, food, travel, art and literature

We strive to provide high quality content that can add value to your website forums and increase web presence of your brand name in the social networking outlets, which invariably will take your business to the next level.

2) Creative Writing:

We follow the principle to Explore Beyond Horizon.

Tup is a platform for poets and writers to share their creative work. We publish the best of poems and stories on its website and have been conducting creative writing contests in an effort to encourage the young talent to revive the long lost art of poetry.

TUP’s creative writing wing aims to encourage artists, especially poets. Our sole aim is to revive poetry in India and abroad. We believe in raw beauty and for us, perfection is not about grammar or editing mistakes. For this reason, ignore minor typos, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, etc in contests since TUP focuses mainly on creativity and uniqueness.

Eventually, we want to galvanize passionate unknown pens to keep their hard work rolling and we go to insane levels to ensure that. In this respect, TUP is a hub of artistic people, putting in an earnest effort to bring forth the creative something in everything via different forms and mediums.

Our aim is to promote and share artistic works, and offer a platform for all people cutting across age and region to express their creative side. While enjoying the process of creating something, we also provide the best of our creative services.

If you want your story, film script, lyrics, books to be flawless and done with the speed of light, then you must try our creative writing services.

3) Media & Communications:

We believe in uncensored reporting and as a policy we staunchly act as a medium for honest journalism. Whatever be the news about, putting it forth is our ambition. We appreciate individual opinion and provide an opportunity for such to voice their opinions.

In this regard, we maintain high editorial ethics and all our content is original, precise and unprejudiced. We don’t own an allegiance to any political party, social organization or corporate firm and produce only honest, unedited reports/opinions.

In addition, we also execute digital marketing strategies for big and small businesses alike to help expand their social media presence. TUP also offers copy-writing services to organizations as well as liaisons with advertising agencies.

4) Mobile Content:

We provide all types of content and generate SMS’s on various topics. Here, TUP deals with all topics- Static and Dynamic, both, in all languages. We have an excellent team of translators and regional team who are fluent in multiple languages. Our SMS content is unique and creative.

Check out Our Services, to know more about what we offer.

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