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1st February, 2014

“I’d rather be a virgin to success than a whore for fame and fortune”

[Zsa-Zsa van Zyl, 24-year-old South African Artist]


Letter from Sara Peluso- Copy Editor & Web Administrator

Today marks a very important milestone in the history of The Unknown Pen. It has been five years since the birth of a dream by Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Amaan Ahmad, to lift up unknown artists worldwide and revive the soul of the lost art. This site was born out of a vision to revolutionize art. To lift it above commercialization. To shine the spotlight on artists of every kind who deserve recognition for their unique, inspiring, and high quality work. His creation is truly inspirational. But with revolution comes struggle. The Unknown Pen has faced many challenges throughout the years, and was almost lost to bankruptcy in auction in 2013. It was saved by a former employee who held the place of auction and friend who believed in the vision behind it and saved it in the name of art. It is thanks to the many amazing artists who contribute their work, and to the faith and passion of the people who share the site and believe in the vision behind it that it has become the success it has today. We are here today not only to lift the site back up again and make it something even bigger and better than anyone could have imagined, but also to open as many minds as we can and keep the flame of imagination burning through a modern world where it threatens to burn out more everyday. We are here to continue the revolution.

To simply say that I am honored to have become a part of this vision would be an understatement of magnificent proportion. I have dreamed my entire life of becoming part of something revolutionary. Something that opens people’s minds. Something that makes a difference and shakes up existence as we know it. The series of struggles and events in my own life that have led me here today are extraordinary. Just like that I have stumbled into my own dream. I am honored, ecstatic, humbled, and very excited to be here, sharing this celebration of a half decade of The Unknown Pen’s existence. I have faith that it will be a very big year.

In honor of The Unknown Pen’s five years, and in honor of the truly unique and excellent artists, writers, photographers, poets, musicians, and short-filmmakers who deserve recognition and inspire us to be where we are today, we will be featuring new and exciting works throughout the month of February. The most unique works will be selected and announced in March, and each artist selected will receive a certificate commemorating their contribution. Let’s revive the lost soul of art and let’s revive art together.

Long live art! Long live the revolution! Happy Birthday, TUP!

-Sara Peluso

“A dimensionless world created by a madman to add dimensions to all the shadowed artists.”

[Akash Kankaria, 22-year-old Indian Poet]


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